Product Design Refurbishment

Our project will have a positive impact on our students’ development as it will offer them an excellent standard of practical and theoretical education. It will also offer them an inspirational learning space that will encourage them to pursue careers in the Design and Engineering industry. The range of equipment we have identified will give our students opportunities to exercise a range of skills and competencies that are important in the Design workplace. It will exercise their dextrous, problem solving and lateral thinking skills as well as give them the opportunity to practically implement their theoretical skills. The project will allow us to expand our teaching and learning methods to align with the use of specialist manufacturing equipment and tools. We aim for our students to leave well equipped for any career they choose to pursue. This project will open opportunities for our students to access the Product Design industry as they will have experience of using the equipment that is prevalent in the Product Design workplace.

Furthermore, we hope that this project will foster strong relationships with the Product Design sector, allowing us to collaborate with businesses to offer work experience within the sector.

Key benefits

  • You are giving back to the community that gave you the education to succeed
  • You are contributing to the lives of tomorrow's workforce. What's more, if you donate on behalf of a business, you are promoting your workplace to potential future employees!
  • You are becoming a positive role model for the students in your area
  • You are contributing to a charitable community ethos
  • You are making a difference to the lives of young people in your community
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Our school is always looking for new connections with businesses in the area. Our projects gain substantial publicity in the local community and wider areas. Working with us could help raise your company’s profile amongst an audience of thousands.

If you are involved in a business and would like to collaborate with us to reach the wider community and grow your client base, there are a range of sponsorship opportunities available with great benefits.

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Our school is committed to providing the best provision for our students and is always eager to forge new relationships in order to achieve its goals. Collaborating with us will raise your profile amongst the community, contribute to your volunteering goals and create a fruitful professional relationship.

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