Why it's great to be a sponsor

Supporting children in education is a great way to help in the community for any business. Not only that, it helps put your company and brand name in direct line oof sight of a huge audience, helping create awareness that can drive your business development forward.

Involvement with a school for any company is one of the most reputable ways to help advertise. Not only are schools in need of your help, through services, training, products, funding and donations, but we we can help ensure you get fantastic value added return. School and project sponsorship is also a proven device for cerating brand loyalty at an early stage for future generations, your future customers.

The difference sponsors can make

Artboard 1

We've supported the school for some time now on various projects and to see how far a little interaction from businesses outside the normal classroom routine can go is just amazing. We hope to continue our support with Whitley Bay for years to come! Artboard 2

Liz Briggs - Community Relations, Tesco

A fantastic business opportunity

  • Show support in your community
  • Increase brand and business awareness
  • Engage with the local community
  • Get involved with rewarding experiences and events
  • Direct links to your website and services
  • Visibility to 1000s of customers

Types of sponsorship

We can arrange flexible sponsorship opportunities for you, whether it's sponsoring our school in general or sponsoring a particular project you have a key interest in or appropriate business interest. Request a sponsor pack today, enquire online