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We would like to install a 3G Pitch on our school site for pupil and community use. This will increase engagement in sport not only within school but from the community.

The durable, specialised surface will allow access to sport all year round and will protect players' joints more than an ordinary grass surface.

It will be easier to maintain and will provide a quality source of revenue for the school by hiring it out to the local and wider community.

We are finding it incredibly challenging to deliver high quality football classes to match our extremely high standards due to the unfit state of our existing football pitches. The natural grass, although pretty, has very poor drainage and is awash with rabbit holes (which is clearly a health and safety risk). Our students are missing out on high quality curriculum based classes as well as the participation in the school teams due to the poor state of our pitches. To ensure sustainability, we would like to install a 3G football pitch for our pupils to use within P.E. lessons as well as for football training for league matches. Additionally, we would like to extend and build links with our local sports teams/groups and offer them the provision of the state of the art pitch.

Furthermore, there are very limited resources in the community for other sports. We would be able to offer our facility at weekends, evenings and school holidays to local teams/groups.

Our project will enhance the school’s sports facilities and increase opportunities for our students and members of the wider community to access sports all year round. We believe that the installation of a 3G pitch will:

  • engage more pupils in sport. It will also build links with our community through offering the pitch for community groups.
  • enable access to a facility that will help to educate about the importance of exercising for a lifetime
  • encourage children to improve their fitness levels during PE including muscular and cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility
  • promote opportunities for children to be creative, cooperative and competitive and to face up to different challenges both as individuals and in groups
  • reinforce the understanding of many subjects taught in the classroom e.g. Mathematics. Movement is also associated with enhanced brain functioning
  • will enable the school and community to take advantage of the 3G pitch and use it to meet and make new connections
  • assist children who have yet to develop their verbal communication skills thus, their confidence in physical abilities can lead to positive feelings of self-esteem
  • enable access for learning the notion of fair play, honest competition, good sportsmanship and dealing with both success and defeat

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You can support this project in a number of ways.

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£25.00 +£6.25 gift aid
Warren Davis
Pippa Brown
£23.50 +£5.88 gift aid
Tina Stanbury
Mark Turner
3 Grandsons all hopefully will all benefit from it
£50.00 +£12.50 gift aid
Jeanette simmonds
Good luck. How exciting :-)
£25.00 +£6.25 gift aid
Paula Darby
The sooner the better!!!
£50.00 +£12.50 gift aid
Julia Riches
£25.00 +£6.25 gift aid
Gary Watson
£100.00 +£25.00 gift aid
Jane Wise

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